For more than 30 years, ICT has served the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet.

As the largest Tibet support group in the world, ICT helps Tibetans in their peaceful struggle for democracy and human rights and seek to preserve Tibet’s ancient culture of wisdom.

Since 1988, ICT has fought to get the international community to take action for Tibet. ICT has worked with elected leaders and citizens throughout the world to provide political and humanitarian support for Tibetans.

ICT has supported the release and rehabilitation of Tibetans who were unjustly imprisoned for their political and religious beliefs. ICT also provided programs to assist the Tibetan community, such as the Tibetan Youth Leadership Program and the Rowell Fund for Tibet.

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We are intrigued by Buddhist philosophy and admire H.H. the Dalai Lama. And one of our core values is freedom. So to support the International Campaign for Tibet fits seamlessly with this.

We have been supporting ICT privately for years and we have been able to increase our contribution through sales through our webshop.

With the support of ICT we are not against the Chinese people. But we are in favor of the human rights and democratic freedoms of the Tibetan people.

Thank you for your contributions.

Raise your flags for those who can’t!

Tibetan Prayer FlagOne of the most beautiful symbols of Tibetan culture and religion is forcibly coming down as part of China’s efforts to destroy the traditions and way of life inside Tibet.

According to a June 17 2020 report from Radio Free Asia, Chinese authorities began a campaign to remove Tibetan prayer flags.

Prayer flags, which have reportedly been present in Tibet for centuries, are one of the best-known symbols of Tibet’s unique culture and spirituality.

At Lovely Yogi, we give away FREE prayer flags for every order containing 2 lucky bracelets, because we recognize the beauty and inspiration they bring into people’s lives.

With your purchase you support the Tibetan people and their culture. You can also order prayer flags separately.