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This bracelet is made of Map Jasper gemstones, which promotes patience and is supportive through times of stress.

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We wish to present the Asteya bracelet from our new Yama bracelet collection. This stunning black bracelet is made of semi-precious Hematite gemstones in the cabochon style, and is cut layer by layer to a high finish using this technique. Because of this slow process the natural stones gain a beautiful and luxurious look. The stones are threaded by hand on a strong elastic cord, which guarantees high quality and an adaptive fit when worn.

Semi-precious gemstones each have unique abilities to support us on our personal journey towards becoming the best version of ourselves. This bracelet is made of Map Jasper gemstones, which promotes patience and is supportive through times of stress

This bracelet evokes a masculine look due to it’s dark colour and the cabochon cut of the Hematite semi-precious gemstones, making it a perfect choice for men, while not excluding women who also love to wear classic black.

The Satya bracelet should be worn with pride, as your purchases automatically contribute a donation to the ‘International Campaign for Tibet’!


  • Material: Map Jasper gemstones combined with a silver coloured ‘Lovely Yogi‘ bead
  • 4mm natural stones in an cabachon cut
  • Diameter: 55mm / length: 17cm
  • Note: No two natural stones are the same, colours may vary

Yama Collection

The idea of the Yama collection is derived from the foundations of yogic philosophy, and in yoga, Yama’s are a form of moral and ethical imperatives that must be practised daily in order to achieve authenticity towards others and oneself.

There are five Yama’s in the yoga philosophy:
– Ahimsa – Non-violence
– Satya – Truthfulness
– Asteya – Non-stealing
– Brahmacharya – Moderation of the senses
– Aparigraha – Non-greed

We chose to adopt this name for our collection of natural stone bracelets because we wish to inspire these values within the wearers of our product. We hope that by wearing these bracelets you will find authenticity and balance within yourselves and your yogic lifestyle. This makes our bracelets a perfect gift for loved ones, as they are meant to inspire and encourage the wearer on their unique life journey.


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