Create your own meditation space and ritual, and deepen your meditation by using incense.

Create your meditation space

Find a space in your house, a corner of  a room, an attic or any other space where you feel at ease. This space should be quiet and easy for you to retreat to. A space that is quiet and peaceful.

Decorate your space with items you items that express you’re innerself. 

Make meditation a ritual

Everyone has habits, some positive, some negative. You can shape your habits to help you and then continue those habits with purpose. 

When we mindfully choose our habits and repeat them to serve an end goal, they become rituals. Rituals are the foundation upon the success of your meditation.

What time during the day or week does serve you best for taking some time for yourself. Block that time every day or week. 

Use incense to deepen your meditation

The smoke spreads lightly into the air, bringing a pure aroma of incense that wafts from the nose to the brain, helping you to relax and deepen your meditation. 

Use our sandalwood incense to transform a space and foster a sense of stillness. Our incense coils are non-toxic, chemical free and no oramas are added, 100% natural sandalwood incense.