Finding balance is of essential importance in this hectic day and age. Through yoga, meditation and healthy nutrition you can keep your body and mind balanced. A balanced life is at the core of a happy life. Happiness can shape the way we live our life. You can find your balance and happiness with a yogic lifestyle.

Living the yoga way of life

By living the yoga way of life you consciously shape your habits and attitudes to be more in line with the principles, philosophies and morals of yoga. If you practice love and balance on the mat, you can also practice this of the mat in your day to day life. This can be different for everyone and you are free to implement the yogic lifestyle into your life in any way you see fit.

The most important aspect of a yogic life is that you make lifestyle choices that bring you to a state of inner-peace, known as sattva.

Establishing and maintaining a healthy body and mind and a peaceful heart should be priorities. Also, let your life be advantageous to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and truth. 

Implement changes in your daily life

You don’t need to move to an ashram or focus on nothing else but yoga to life the yogic lifestyle. Just by implementing small changes in your daily life you will notice a big difference in the quality of your life and how you move through life.

The lifestyle choices you make will reflect the stage of yoga that you are currently pursuing. It is possible to enter this way of life gradually, maybe because you feel that you need to make changes in your current life circumstances. You never know where life leads you.

It could be that you and up eating differently, change your career, develop new and deep friendships of even relocate due to your commitment to the yogic way of life. If it is meant to be, you’ll get there.

To help you out, we suggest a few guidelines that you can follow.

Eat like a yogi

yogic diet

One of the first things you’ll probably change about your current lifestyle is the way you eat. A yogi has a clean and fit body, that also works wonders on the mind. The traditional yogic diet is vegetarian or vegan. Ideally, you consume food that is locally-grown, organic, in season and minimally processed.

For optimal results you should find out your body’s Ayurvedic dosha to fine tune your diet. By eating like a yogi you should experience more support in your yoga practice.

Eating the right foods also make you feel energized, vibrant and calm and centered throughout the day. This will give you support from inside, whatever life decides to throw at you.

Love like a yogi

Yogis have deep and intimate relationships, with themselves, friends and their partners. By embracing and practicing the five yamas (see our yama collection) you create real, intimate, sustainable, compassionate and authentic relationships.

These healthy relationships are good for yourself, the receiver and the world to be honest. If everyone would practice yoga, the world would probably be a better place!

You build trust and reduce hurt by practicing non-violence towards others. If you live and speak your truth with others, it cultivates honest and clear communication.

Work to reduce greed and other unhealthy cravings to have more space in your heart and mind to be generous, kind and thankful towards others.

Master your mind like a yogi

The asana practice helps you to sharpen and strengthen your mental focus, while a regular meditation practice learns you to achieve deeper awareness of your emotions and allows you to master your mind.

By knowing your emotions you can better regulate them. Cultivating focus and concentration has many positive effects. It helps you to clarify and stabilize your mind and gives a boost to your productivity, creativity and happiness.

If you feel really stressed out you might feel like you don’t have the time for your yoga practice, but there is no better time! After your practice you will feel clearer in your head, energized and ready to take on whatever is bothering you. You can also practice yoga off the mat, by practicing nonjudgmental awareness throughout your day. This will prevent you from wasting energy on negative thoughts and brings more richness and peace into your life.

Start living like a yogi

There is no better day than today to start living like a yogi. The benefits of the yogic lifestyle are huge, both on and off your yoga mat. Over time, the lifestyle deepens, develops, changes and fluctuates, just as you do as a person. By living like a yogi you will get in touch with the real you.

When you know your truth, it is easier to make decisions. You choose what aligns with your values. We deeply believe that a yogic lifestyle can be a method for everyone to find balance and happiness. You choose which aspects of the yoga way of life you want to explore. Take it slow and make the ‘easy’ changes first to ease into your new way of life.