Find a space in your house, a corner of a room, an attic or any other space where you feel at ease. This space should be quiet and relaxed for you to retreat to. 

Decorate your space with items you item that expresses your inner self. Meditation justifies its place in the house same as eating and sleeping. Below are some tips you can use to create a perfect meditation spot in your home.

Select a spot that gives you happiness

Whether you can only put aside your room corner or you have a whole room, the meditation space should fill you with happiness. More so, you need to consider other factors such as general traffic inside the room, noise, and light. Meditation requires a peaceful and quiet space so the more secluded, the better.

Personalize your meditation spot towards soothing your senses

The meditation space is your spot to focus and reflect on yourself. This should be mirrored on your meditation area. Majority of people use candles to add to the relaxing feeling at their meditation area. Also, sandalwood incense transforms your space fostering a sense of stillness. The aroma will surely give you a positive effect on your mood. Decorating the walls of your meditation space with pictures that gives you a sense of inner peace. For instance, if the ocean gives you a relaxed feeling, you can paint or hang ocean pictures.

Exhibit your meditation items

While you only need yourself to meditate, you may want to use other accessories for the ultimate comfort. You may want to use a cushion to keep you comfortable while you meditate. You can also parade other accessories that you use during meditation such as a singing bowl or beads. Prominently displaying them acts as an impression to you and others that space is meant for contemplation. 

Add a touch of nature to your meditation space

Same as Buddha and his belly, meditation and nature go together. Nature has a high influence on our minds and hence creating nature like environment in your meditation space will create a perfect meditation atmosphere. Try and place things such as small water features, seashells and house plants in your meditation room.