We all know life can be busy, sometimes even overwhelming. It is so easy to forget to prioritize ourselves more often. Many of us are poor in time, constantly rushing and juggling our commitments.

At Lovely Yogi we believe in living a conscious and balanced lifestyle will help us finding harmony between body and mind.

That’s why we the founders of Lovely Yogi, Judith and Ewald, put a lot of effort into finding  balance in our personal lives.

On a daily basis we choose to live a lifestyle with yoga and meditation in deliberate harmony with mindfulness. Immersing ourselves in the energy of beautiful music. Spending time in nature, soaking up her beauty.

One of the main reasons we started Lovely Yogi in early 2019, was the hope to inspire others in building that lifestyle for themselves. We all have our own way of implementing a yogic lifestyle, and we want to be there to make it easier for you on your unique journey.

The products in our webshop can support you on the path towards that conscious and balanced life. Our meditation tools contribute to making your practice easier and more fun. While our gorgeous bracelets can be used as your personal talisman. Wear them daily to remind yourself of your personal commitment to finding balance and health in your daily life.


logo International Campaign for Tibet

The social aim of our work is not solely to support and develop awareness about the yogic lifestyle, but also drawing attention to the current situation in Tibet.

As ‘searchers’ we have a strong affinity with the teaching of Buddha and admire the Dalai Lama for his unbridled commitment for achieving freedom for his people and culture.

That’s why we have been supporting the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) for many years. The ICT is a non-profit organisation that promotes human rights and the democratic freedom of the Tibetan people.

Which does not mean that we are in any way against Chinese people. It is not about choosing sides, but about human rights and democratic freedom.

We are proud to say that with Lovely Yogi we are able to combine our passions, and that any purchase made on our website supports two good causes:

  • You invest in your own personal journey to a lifestyle you want!
  • You contribute to the freedom of the Tibetan people and prevention of Tibetan cultural extinction!

If these sound like good reasons for you to become a member of the Lovely Yogi family, take a look at our webshop and make a conscious effort to invest in yourself and Tibet!

If you have any questions please send us a message on our contact page.

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